80s Stories Part 2 By: Parker Woody
              80s Stories Part 2

              By: Parker Woody fight stories

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80s Story (RATER R) some may find offensive, read with caution

80s Stories Part 2 By: Parker Woody

The guy who had been doin the talkin, also who happened to be the biggest steps forward.

Before he had a chance to say a word or make a move, I hit him square between the eyes, breaking his nose. POW! the hit, echoing through the night. He falls down hard. In shock from the impact.

Blood, pouring from his crooked nose. Eyes already begining to puff and blacken from the blow.

Before he could gather his bearings, I put my foot on his face, and bear down "Dont move mother fucker" I say.. As I lightened the pressure.

"Who's next?" I ask looking up at the rest of em, all looking like deer in the headlights. "Man, let him up, were sorry!" One of them says with a shake in his voice.

"Yall get the hell away from us and I'll let em up." I finally say. The disperse, Mark looks at me still shaking from the confrontation, "You are a crazy son ofa bitch, man..thank you"

I smile, throw my arm over his shoulder, "let's go party brother" I say. We walk into the club, and I finished dancing to "Return of the Mack" by Mark Morrison.

The end Thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you liked, or have any suggestions on how to make my stories better. Happy reading

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