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Elle is finding it difficult to show up in her own life. However, that doesn’t stop her from keeping to her commitments. Welcome to Aycheelle, Elle.


Elle sat at the coffee shop, waiting. She had a big meeting she prepared for, and yet, she was stuck in the whirlwind that happened in her car.

She felt as if she couldn't pull it together, even getting out of the bed was challenging.

It wasn't the worst she's felt, it was just frustrating that she's used to having great memory and energy, being on top of her work, and taking on the day.

She dealt with a tragic break up, for crying out loud. How come she couldn't deal with a meeting at a coffee shop?

"Hey, Elle! It's so great to see you. How are you doing?" Leslie asked as she sat down on the same side of the table as Elle.

"Hey. I'll tell you after the meeting. I'm really glad to see you here too. Here comes our prospect."

They conducted their meeting flawlessly. Well, flawlessly meaning they did the best they knew how, for this was their second meeting with this prospect, and there were plenty of flaws.

It was a growing experience, and they both knew it was uncomfortable to grow. No one flipped a table, and all parties left feeling like work had been done.

"Now that that's over, what did you learn?" Leslie asked after the prospect had left.

"I learned that I don't like confrontation, and I want to assuage any inkling of argument if I sense it.

It took a lot out of me to make sure that I didn't jump in and interrupt what I'm learning from you."

"I get that, thank you for letting me handle that, I'll definitely get some feedback from the higher ups.

It's the first time I've worked with someone so hard headed! What else is on your heart?"

"Well.." Elle started to tear up. "It's just so difficult knowing that not everyone deals with bipolarity.

I look at you and can see that you are here for me, and you empathize with me, but you may never feel what I'm feeling right now.

And that's okay! It just sucks feeling opposite of how I am, and the difficulty to be gentle and understand how far I can push myself.

The only way I can make sure I don't fall into a victim mindset is to stay to my commitments and turn off my output. And with doing that, I turn off my input. Nothing in, nothing out.

It's so crippling. And I don't know what to do besides waiting it off." She was in full tears, taking the moments she needed to be able to communicate clearly.

As the coffee shop bustled, the world was silent and echoed the quiet Elle tears. She dried her eyes and took a big sigh. At last, Leslie spoke.

"Thank you so much for being open and honest with me. I'm so honored you trust me enough to let me that deep into your life, and I treasure it. What can I do to support you during this?"

Elle shook her head. "I don't know." And suddenly, Elle smiled. It's so nice to be listened to.

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