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You hear something. Something beautiful, following the sounds you see him...


Delicate music flows beautifully from beyond. Following the sweet sounds you come across an opening in the trees. There you see him. Strong hands strum strings of a banjo. A raspy voice singing gracefully. You look up and see the handsome man. His sharp hazel eyes were glowing from the light of the campfire in front of him.

The fire roared peacefully, flowing with the sound of the music. Beautiful colours of orange and yellow danced under the moonlight. As you move closer you see more of the man. He was incredibly handsome. His hair was a deep chestnut brown colour and his jaw line was that of a Gods. His plump lips looked soft and his smile was as mesmerising as his music.

He knew his instrument well. Caressing the strings the breathtaking song continues. The music warms your heart like the fire warming his body. He is painfully beautiful like the music he plays. You can hear the emotion and passion in his playing and his voice. You step closer, over the log and sit beside him. He smiles as you place your head on his arm.

Every time you see him play you’re overjoyed with pride. You’ve hear him almost every night, but it feels as though it is the first time. That beautiful feeling cuddles you. The handsome man and his amazing talent are all you need. He loves his banjo, but don’t threat, he loves you more. You feel so lucky to have such a talented husband.

— Thank you for reading! This story I just made up for the challenge using the word ‘Banjo’. I hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to leave some criticism. Thank you again :) ! —

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