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The Meteorologist

by paradoxedsouls

They gave heart shaped clouds, to the girl that does not meet the conditions to maintain a sky.

It trembles as if it's gonna fall apart into showers of perpetual teardrops.

So she maintains it locked in a chain wrapped around her neck

And everyone claims to hold the key.

But if opened by the wrong person destruction will quickly seize

Clouded forecasts predicted that it lies far within her mind.

But It really dangles from her neck as she wraps her arms across the globe of the emotionally thin.

When the skies darken as her fingers tremble and let out static thunderbolts across skin.

When winds scatter through her bedroom floor trying to shake what is within.

For feelings shatter for feeding into love.

Then one day they announced from above, "Theres a forecast of clear blue skies, Never will there ever be a single cloud,

Therefore everyone should get ready to die. Say your last prayers and say your last goodbyes. For there is no hope, everyone has turned a blind eye."

However, there was a girl afraid to give away hearts. Never looked up. Full of doubts.

She held the sky on her neck and it weighed her down

So she created an ocean full of tears. So it evaporated into more fears.

So she eventually left the chain by the shore.

And let the water sweep in and out until there was nothing more but the sand just sitting and grazing at her toes.

Then when she let the sunrise open her heart, it gave her a shiny pendant and it then told her "don't let it fall apart."

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