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The fear of falling in love


by paradoxedsouls

I'm afraid to love again.

Just because now it's only skin deep and nothing more comes from it.

It just scrapes lightly on top of what one can feel.

I can only seal my feelings away for so long. I can only keep it to myself locked away and apart from my heart.

I can only breathe when I'm all alone. Cold and isolated and not around a single soul.

I want to love again. But there's fear...

Fear of a heart that won't love deep enough. Fear that they would just "love" for the satisfaction of breaking in through the skin.

There's only a misuse of emotion.

Those who are hurt give off radiant vibes saying "I thought they loved me"

and the other steers their absent mind to a certain goal with their greedy heart to just reach someone and run away with their soul.

I'm afraid to love again because they only see a physical portrait and not something behind it.

I'm afraid to love again because of the people guided by lust thinking that what they feel is love.

I'm afraid to love again because of what I've heard. But in reality I'm just scared that they abuse, my heart, my love, and my world.

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