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by paradoxedsouls

Where's the peace in,

Feeling gears shift from one stage of sleep to another,

And having dreams of adventures that leave me distraught at the moment of awakening.

I'm just hoping the clock is ahead of the time that I have in my mind.

Because the days seem to be slowly passing by,

but next thing you know you're sitting on the couch throughout the month of June!

Constantly flipping the hourglass Counting the days as they pass

Recalling those days where you rolled on the grass,

And those days where u sit by the fire surrounded by the airy laughter of your friends, thinking this will never end.

Tick tock the clock strikes 12, tick tock it all seems well. Tick tock and with a snap next thing you know you're sitting there with a cap.

Tick tock there goes all your friends.. Hey, When can we go back and play pretend?

Tick tock questions surface... Hey, What's your purpose ?

Don't you just wish you can just freeze time to get this question all settled,

To look into the future to help you boil the tea in the kettle.

And find What kind of potential gives us the spark to start to find the adventure within us

But no you have to search through the dense vapor that covers the doormats of new beginnings, so you can blindly step into a path where there's shaky commitment..

And Thrown off You awake to the distant figure standing by the board slightly scraping from the tip that writes what you clearly just missed

And from one board to another time slips clocks tick and next thing you know you have to keep watch to where you're heading.

Time didn't stop, it doesn't stop for anyone, but I'm just here trying to watch the pendulum swing. Patiently waiting on the day I can begin.

Tick tock goes the clock, so just stop and take a moment to take it all in.

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