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Lost and Found

by paradoxedsouls

I lost myself at sea

The currents pulled me to someone I never thought I'd be. Drowned in so called love, but it was never meant to be.

I woke up ashore and I lost myself on the moon.

I went to the other half I don't see from down here. It was when I went to sea and parted from my fears.

The tides went higher causing me to Slowly drown in the fire of my flames

What I contain is nothing more than a spark that goes with my name

Some type of potential that I will never develop floats away

Leaving me with myself in between the stars,

Wondering how I came into existence in this magical realm of life.

I got lost in space.

Not positive or negative but surrounded by dark matter.

It was when I was empty inside and it diffused out of me. Causing me to be one with the space I'm in.

Isotonic with my own sense of reality, Wondering how I can breathe in this realm on nonexistence.

But I'm just Gravitating back to the after life. Which was the same place I was in before i was considered alive.

I got lost within myself.

I'm a trial and error that never found a definite answer.

But I then, found myself washed upon the shore, once again.

And I found where my dreams became reality,

Lost in the world I've never realized I've been in.

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