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I'm not a writer

by paradoxedsouls

When I speak it's like listening to radio silence.

People just try to get a signal of what's happening but it's not there.

I'm not a writer

My Words are Impenetrable to those I hit. My unwritten storylines are waiting to unfold,

but I'm not a writer.

I cannot be the one to tell these narratives. I cannot be the one to develop the plot. I cannot be the one to write the story.

For I am not a writer.

No offense to those, but I never liked English class.

I never liked taking Spanish or any other language,

because they made me write.

Write my thoughts and opinions and read books that can only be perceived in a certain way.

Because it's all to know for a test.

And to let you know I used to read a book a week but now

It's just forced writing. It's forced reading. And for me it doesn't flow.

They stripped it of all joy that I got from it.

Therefore, I'm not a writer

It's my fault line.

It trembles and tries to split because I write and I speak but I'm not a writer.

Writing is an art form.

It creates emotions and mental imagery.

And all I write is blah blah blah.

But all I read and hear are these works woven with beauty and sentiment.

Grown like that lonely flower in the middle of the cold harsh winter. Amazingly perfect by meeting those conditions to thrive.

I'm not a writer, but an artist.

Yes I like to make physical mediums of illustrations created with my mind, but that's beside the point.

For art can consist of many mediums that can penetrate emotions from any of your senses.

I'm not a writer but I write. Im not a painter but I paint. I'm not a singer but I still sing.

Even though it may not be perfect and it may not be appreciated by many, for theres always those that are better.

But it's still a piece of work that's created unique to someone's being and that at least should be appreciated by oneself.

Im not a writer but I'm an artist.

Not for anyone's entertainment but for my own sanity.

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