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by paradoxedsouls

Catch me passing by like a ghost

You may catch my drift but I'll never be acknowledged. No one will remember my name.

I'm that Quiet girl in the room

The one with average grades average looks I'm that of An average being.

If I gave you a list of a normal frequency distribution

Id be right smack in the middle.

A median

And No one remembers the middle of a list. And average tends to be right there.

I'm mean

My old bullies are long gone but one still remains. That is my brain.

A mode

There's people just like me all around me. For I am not alone

So I'll be known as the forgotten bottle of milk at the grocery store. The one that led you to that adventure there, until you realized you got home with something missing.

Or maybe you found out you were lactose intolerant and couldn't deal with me anymore.

What will I know. If I'm just a passerby of ordinary life.

The one that tries and tries to reach the top but is not capable of being noticed.

And some argue I didn't try hard enough. But what's hard enough if I tried my best. Shouldn't that reach me to a solid hardness of 10.

Like a diamond, it doesn't have to be perfect to be considered itself.

But I'm out of place And somehow My words aren't forming and my being is slowly corroding The fine dust is carried by the wind of unfamiliarity.

Taking me to Live a life of oblivion.

Hi I'm average

Not that I want to be But I don't like all this attention on me. I mean someone's got to be average for those to shine. And those who are bright consist of a thin line.

I want to leave behind a legacy even if it's to a few around me. But I keep myself locked away and I threw away the key.

The key to my heart doesn't exist, at least will never be found through my life time.

However I'll slowly mend one to fit the lock and maybe then I will be known to myself as me and not as a comparison to everybody I see.

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