The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree love stories

paperdoll Community member
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You need some love- you needed some care, But now it’s far too late...

The Giving Tree

Inspired by violabandit807

Oh, Giving Tree how wonderful you are

You give and you give And I watch from afar

How can you be so perfect? We take and we take

Just to feed our greed And never give you a break

We never cared about what you need How do you do it?

You are so kind and generous Even when they hit

When they smack your trunk And shake your branches

How has your heart not sunk?

And now you are dying And you can't fulfill our greed

So everyone is crying

But never thought about what you need

You needed some care

You needed some love

But now it's far too late

And now you'll watch us from above...

My poor Giving Tree...

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