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paperdoll You and I both
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I'm reminded when in Alcatraz, it rains...


Escape, escape there is no escape push the bars harder Surely they'll break Trapped in my head Trapped in my mind Trapped behind bars That leave me behind I can't take it anymore I can barely breathe They know all the tricks I have under my sleeve

I was framed for a crime but they didn't think so and I have no evidence I have nothing to show Wait, wait, wait they say just to wait While the real criminal just used me as bait These terrible conditions drive me to be insane They act like I'm crazy and like I am to blame

But I didn't kill him He hated his own life He thought he was ugly His cash left with his wife Everything was falling He felt he had no use in living his short life because of this abuse He took his own life To stop all of the pain and now I'm reminded When in Alcatraz, it rains

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