You choose-part six or seven. I don’t feel like checking.
You choose-part six or seven. I don’t feel like checking. you choose stories

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About damn time I posted it.

You choose-part six or seven. I don’t feel like checking.

**Before you start reading, you might need to reread the last part for a refresher.

I look over at Carolina, who is anxiously tapping her fingers.

"I'd love to Luke, but I can't. Maybe later?" Carolina looks up, surprised. I smile at her. She blushes and looks down.

"Well, okay babe. We always have tomorrow." Luke says. He makes a kissing noise and I say goodbye.

I hang up and put my phone down. "Sorry," I say. "It's just Luke."

Carolina smiles. It doesn't meet the eyes. "It's fine."

"So, was there something you wanted to tell me?"

She widens her eyes, and blushes even more. "I-um..."

An awkward silence falls upon us. I wait for her to tell me whats on her mind. Carolina fiddles with a curl that escaped her Afro pony, clear she’s not going to say anything. I look at the green tote in the magazine I have.

"I like you!" I jump, startled by Carolina's sudden outburst.

"What?!” I'm trying to comprehend what she said.

"I like you, Tallulah. I know you have Luke and that we're just friends, but it doesn't matter, because I like you!"

Carolina looks like she's going to cry. I have no clue what to do. I love Carolina, but she's my friend. I don't know if I want her more than that. Another awkward silence.

"I'm gonna go," She whispers after a few minutes. Carolina grabs her stuff, making an effort not to look at me. And before I can even say goodbye, she's already gone.


Alrighty, I finally posted it, after almost two months!

Anyways, I'll let y'all choose what Tallulah should do, because I don't know what options I should provide. Just comment them down below, and I'll try to remember to post the next part.

Have an amazing day!

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