You choose: part five, I think.
You choose: part five, I think. you choose stories

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Finally, Carolina has a bigger role!

You choose: part five, I think.

The last few weeks have been perfect. Luke is my boyfriend, and Carolina and I have became super close.

Well, almost perfect. Every time Luke comes by to say hi to Carolina and I, Carolina gets a strange look on her face and quickly leaves.


“Do you think that plum would look good on me?” Carolina asks, pointing to a plum sweater in a magazine. I look back and forth at her and the sweater. “Definitely! Plum looks really good on darker skin!”,(off topic, but plum does look really good on dark skin. Just saying!) She smiles and circles the sweater with a magic marker.

It’s a Saturday afternoon and Carolina and I are hanging out in my room, Carolina on the bed, me on the pink bean bag chair, looking at the clothes in a magazine we’ll never be able to afford, because isn’t that what everyone does?

“Ooh, gurl, this dress would be so pretty on you!” She tosses me the magazine she’s looking at. I look to see a dusty pink prom dress. It has a sweetheart neckline and thin straps. The bottom is a sheer, sparkly material and hits at the ankles.

It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. I close my eyes, already imagining Luke and I dancing at prom, me wearing the dress, Luke in a tuxedo.

Carolina smiles. “I knew you’d love it! You’d look gorgeous in it!” She blushes a little. “Well, you were right! Maybe I could wear it to prom! Luke could get me a corsage with white flowers and...” I see Carolina looks upset and I stop talking. She’s looking at the floor, a dark expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” She looks up, and smiles. It looks forced. “Nothing. I’m sure Luke would love it.” I hand the magazine back to her and we flip pages in silence, the only sound in the room the paper flipping and magic markers circling clothes.

“Tallulah?” “Hm?” I look up from the magazine. Carolina’s eyes look anxious, though I can’t understand why.

She opens her mouth to speak, but my phone starts to ring before she can even talk. “I’m sorry,” I say. I check the caller ID and see Luke’s contact photo, a picture of him and I at the library. I answer it.

“Hello?” Luke says. I smile. Even though we’ve been dating for three weeks now, my heart still melts when I hear his voice. “Hi,” I reply. “What’s up?” I hear the sound of car keys and children squealing. “I was going on a coffee run and wanted to know if my beautiful girlfriend wanted to come with. I have a surprise for you!”

I look over at Carolina, who’s staring sadly at the ground, looking even more nervous than before. I’m curious about what she wants to say, but Luke’s surprise is making me just as curious.


Choice time!

Tallulah can stay with Carolina and hear what she has to say or go with Luke to see his surprise.

Have an amazing day!

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