You choose- part two
You choose- part two you choose stories

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I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore.

You choose- part two

When I get home, I run straight to my room and start throwing clothes around.

I have no clue what I'm supposed to wear to a party. A little black dress doesn't seem right and a t shirt and jeans seems too simple.

I finally decide on a floral romper and a jean jacket. I braid my hair, put on a little mascara and shiny lip gloss.

When I go downstairs, my mom is watching Judge Judy.

"You look nice," she says. "Going anywhere?"

"Luke invited me to a party. I'll be back by twelve,"

She sighs and pauses the television. "I knew this day would come," My mom gets up and goes to her room.

She comes back with a box. "Use these, please,"

I open the box. "MOM!" Inside are condoms.

"I want you to be safe! But have fun!"

"I definitely will, ya know, with all the rubbers!"


Luke and I walk into the party, the music playing so loud that the whole house is thumping to the beat.

Luke turns to me. "Try not to drink. Your mom would kill both of us if you came home drunk.”

I nod. He grabs my arm and drags me onto the dance floor.

We dance and sing until we’re out of breath. Luke and I find a spot on a couch.

We talk about everything, giggling so much that I wonder if I’m high. Luke reaches for my hand. I take a deep breath and let our finger connect.

I make eye contact with him. He has a soft look in his bright brown eyes. With my free hand, I draw circles on his cheek.

He blushes, and before I even know it, we're kissing.


Choice time!

Alrighty, so this kiss could get hot and steamy or gentle and innocent. Or, for my Carolina fans, we can have Tallulah push away and forget about it.

Also, I'm not sure if this is even a love triangle, but I'm trying.

And if you guys think I’m going too fast or have complaints, please comment them.

Have an amazing day!

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