You choose- part three
You choose- part three you choose stories
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papaya_grl619 Don’t plagiarize, bitch.
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If you’re triggered by creepy guys in general, I’d skip this story.

You choose- part three

I push Luke away, and awkwardly look at the floor.

I had yearned to kiss him for so long, but it didn't feel right. Luke was my friend, not my boyfriend. If we ever dated, it could screw up our friendship.

"Are you okay?" Luke asks. I nod.

"I'm going to go grab a drink," I whisper, and with that, I'm walking away.

I don't know why, but I have the urge to drink a beer, even though I know I shouldn't. But I'm so upset and confused that I don't care.

I grab a beer and start to chug it. It tastes disgusting, but my worries start to drift away. I grab another and venture off.

People are dancing to some rap song. A couple is making out on the floor, which looks uncomfortable. An emotional drunk is crying to her friends about how much she loves them.

Someone grabs my hand. I turn to see Carolina smiling.

"Hey! I didn't expect to see you here," she says.

"Yeah, my friend invited me. Sorry about not meeting with you earlier,"

She shrugs. "It's fine," She starts to smile really big. It's cute. "Come dance!"

I let her drag me over to the "dance floor", which is really just the living room.

I jump up and down, while Carolina is twerking. We keep giggling, both of us obviously tipsy.

Then I feel a slap on my ass. I whip my head around and some guy is standing there with a drunk smile on his face.

"Heeeey baby," he slurs. "Wanna come with Daddy to the bedrooooom?"

I snarl. Carolina takes my hand. "Let's go Tallulah,"

"What's going on?" Luke says, coming up behind the creep.

"This yooour booyfriendd?" The creep asks. Carolina squeezes my hand, trying to tell me to leave. Luke looks enraged. I'm about to explode on this guy.


Choice time!

So, we can have Luke fight the creep, Tallulah go off on the creep, or let Carolina convince her to leave the party.

Have an amazing day!

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