What if Maddy, (Everything, Everything), was really sick?
What if Maddy, (Everything, Everything), was really sick? bad guy stories
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papaya_grl619 Don’t plagiarize, bitch.
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The “bad guy” here is Maddy’s SCID.

What if Maddy, (Everything, Everything), was really sick?

It's a week after Olly and I's kiss. He's sitting in the center of the room, playing with the black rubber band on his wrist.

I sit down next to him, and let his fingers connect with mine.

I look into ocean eyes. "You're really beautiful."

He looks away, shyly. "Who knew a ghost spy princess could be so pretty?"

I blush and kiss him on the cheek. He presses his lips against mine.

Suddenly, I feel dizzy. I pull away, cradling my head in my hands.

"Maddy," Olly says. He's sounds concerned. "Are you okay?"

Everything hurts now. My brain feels as if someone is hitting it with a baseball bat. My throat is dry and my body is up in flames. I lay down, wincing from the pain.

"CARLA!" I hear rapid footsteps and screams.

Carla's sitting beside me, grabbing medicine, while crying.

"Olly," I whisper.

He's on the couch, sobbing. "It's all my fault," he cries. He won't stop chanting it. I want to tell him it isn't, that he can't control my disease. But everything's moving slowly, and hurting more.

I imagine my mom living in pain. I imagine Olly blaming himself for the rest of his life. I imagine Carla wondering what would have happened if she would've just said no to meeting him.

I close my eyes. This is the end. I hope no one blames themselves for this. I hope they know how much I love them.

I feel my heartbeat slow down. Goodbye, world.

I love you a-

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