Thank you: a shoutout to some special people!
Thank you: a shoutout to some special people! shoutout stories

papaya_grl619 Change is coming. We just saw it today.
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I love you guys!!

Thank you: a shoutout to some special people!

I’d like to shoutout a few people on Commaful. These people have been kind to me, some from the beginning and some recently when there has been some drama, which I won’t talk about so I won’t cause more problems.

First, thanks to @liney for being so kind to me. You’re super funny and an amazing writer!

@bookishmuggle for being so nice to me! You leave the nicest comments on my posts and I’m grateful for that!

@garlic_chopper for be just as amazing as garlic! Maybe even better than garlic!

@abc333 for messaging me after seeing what some certain people were saying to me in a comment section. That was really sweet of you!

@goldenflame for addressing some issues going on recently. It makes me feel so much better knowing that people are sticking up for me!

@animevampire05 and @rowan0530 for being incredible people. You two are so kind and amazing!

And for all my followers for sticking with me! You all are amazing and beautiful and you should remember that!

Also, we’re almost to 100 followers! Reminder that I have another surprise planned for when that happens! Hint: involves something with little Papaya Girl.

Have an amazing day everyone!

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