So This Is Love. -Cinderella reimagined.
So This Is Love.
-Cinderella reimagined. bad guy stories

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So This Is Love. -Cinderella reimagined.

That wretched girl really believes that she will marry the Prince.


She acts like she's so sweet, so beautiful, when, in reality, she's a horrible human being.

I'll make sure that she won't get the chance to even see him.

I climb up to the attic, put on my loving face and knock gently on the door.

"Cinderella?" I say in a sugar coated voice.

Her footsteps are so quiet, that I almost can't hear them.

She opens the door. "Hello, Stepmother,"

I feel offended every time she calls me this. I'm aware that I'm not her biological mother, but she doesn't need to remind me.

I clear my throat. "Darling, I feel horrible for not letting you come to the ball. Maybe we could have a cup of tea and I can tell you all about it,"

She smiles. "Why, I'd love to!"

I carry in the tea tray, set it on an old, dusty table, and plop down in a uncomfortable armchair.

I offer her special cup of tea. "Where do I begin?"

She sips her drink. Perfect.

"Well, a young maiden with a silver ball gown and glass slippers danced with the prince all night," Another sip. She'll be gone in minutes. "I'm sure you enjoyed doing that,"

Her eyes widen. I'm not sure if it's from hearing that I know, or that death has come to take her.

"Stepmother, I-"

"ENOUGH!" I screech. "I know where you were last night. My daughters dreamed of enjoying the ball as much as you did, and you shattered their dreams!"

She begins to cry. I doubt she was sorry.

"In a few moments, your punishment will soon come,"

She looks confused, but then her face becomes pale, and she begins to shiver.

"Tell your father I said hello,"

She slumps in her chair, unmoving.


I've done it. I move the floorboard where she hid the slipper. Thank god Anastasia is the same shoe size.

With her toes cut off.

"Girls," I call.

"Pack your things. The Prince will find his wife very shortly."

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