Metal Friend
Metal Friend science fiction stories
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Metal Friend

"Bexley! Come here please!"

I put my sketchbook and pencil down on my cream colored desk, wondering what my uncle needed now.

I got up from my chair and went to go see what my uncle needed.

I found him in his office, with a little metal item. When he saw me, he took off his reading glasses and smiled.

"What's up?" I asked, curious about the object.

"I've just finished that project I was telling you about," He motioned me to come look.

"Is this the project that you kept a secret?" I asked, observing the shiny item. Now that I was closer to it, I realized it was a little robot.

It was adorable, with its sphere shaped head and four stubby fingers.

"Yes. I thought I could give it to you as a birthday present, but it took a few days longer than I expected,"

"What does it do?"

"Let me just show you,"

He pressed a button on the back of the robot, causing its eyes to turn an amber color.

"VR-39, meet my niece, Bexley,"

The robot, VR-39, looked up at me.

"Hello, Bexley. My name is VR-39," it waved at me.

Its English was choppy, but it spoke clearly. It had the voice of a young male, not high pitched, but not deep.

"Um..." I didn't know what to say. "Hi?"

My uncle grinned. "Ask VR some questions,"

"Uh... Okay," I thought for a little bit.

"VR-39, can I give you a nickname?"

The robot sounded confused. "Whose Nick?"

I laughed. "A nickname is a second name for someone. I think Nick will be your nickname, if that's alright,"

VR nodded slowly.

My uncle got up from his chair. "I'll make dinner. Why don't you get to know V... I mean Nick?"

He left, leaving me with Nick.

"Bexley," Nick started. "Name is from Old English terms for box trees and woodland clearings. Origin of Bexley is English,"

I smiled. "I did not know that,"

Time passed and I had spent an hour just talking to Nick.

"Bexley, dinner is ready!" My uncle called.

Getting up, I told Nick I'd be right back.

Right after dinner, I spent the rest of the night with Nick.

And every day for the next three months, I spent talking to Nick as often as I could.

One day, when I came home from school, I noticed the house looked strange.

The house was oddly quiet.

I was terrified. Knowing something was wrong, I grabbed an umbrella as my weapon,(just in case), and looked around.

I found my uncle on the ground of his room. Unconscious.

With a pool of blood around him.

I screamed. I tried to find his heartbeat, but I couldn't.

I called 911, crying and still screaming.

Nick waddled in the room. He came over to me and crawled into my lap.

"HE'S DEAD!!" I cried. "HE'S DEAD!!"

Nick didn't say anything. He couldn't, because he didn't understand pain.

When the ambulance showed up, they picked up my uncle, and the police asked me some questions.

I couldn't answer half of them.

The police suspected murder. They were on the search for the culprit.

And I had 24 hours before I was sent to foster care.

They told me to pack everything I wanted and needed. Everything but Nick.

Nick helped me, but we decided to work in silence.

Nick finally said something.

"Will you bring me with you?"

I tried not to cry.

"They might not let me," I replied, not facing him.

"I'm having a feeling I cannot describe,"

I dropped the shirt I was folding, and turned around.

"Sadness?" I felt a tear go down my cheek.


I started to sob. I was going to lose my closest friend tomorrow.

Suddenly, I got an idea.

"I'm not going to foster care," I announced. "You and I are running away,"

Nick looked at me, confused. "Where? And why?"

"Anywhere! Hawaii, New York, Miami, even Puerto Rico! I'm not going anywhere without you!"

Nick's voice sounded joyful. "Your uncle had a stash of cash for emergencies! I know where it is, let me go get it!"

I pulled out my laptop while he did that, looking up places to go.

All night we stayed up, planning everything out.

The foster care people were picking me up at 9:00, so Nick and I decided to leave at 6:00.

When my alarm went off at 5:00, Nick and I got ready and ended up leaving fifteen minutes earlier than we expected.

We biked to the nearest bus stop, getting there ten minutes early.

The whole time, I smiled.

When the bus finally pulled up, I gently put Nick in my purse and got on.

I sat down in an empty seat, and took Nick out.

We would be free in Baltimore.


Nick looked at me.

"I'm having another feeling,"



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