I’m physically cringing: part one
I’m physically cringing: part one cringe stories

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I’ve finally posted it. Well, half of it. Warning: You could possibly cry from how bad it is.

I’m physically cringing: part one

Alrighty, I can’t stall any longer; here is the story!

Here is the cover. I had to crop it for the background, but you get the basic idea. It’s bad.

So, to sum up the story, this little bitch named Maya is salty because she got grounded, so she runs away from home. She wins a million dollars and gets sad because she misses her family. That’s literally it. Oh, and she’s only gone for about three hours. The brat’s gone for three hours and acts like it’s the most traumatizing thing that’s happened to her. I hate her so much now that I reread the story. Anyways, enjoy taking crap about this story with me when finished reading.

“I HATE YOU!!” I yelled and stomped to my room. I slammed my door and threw myself onto my bed, starting to cry. My parents had just grounded me and took away my phone because I got detention for texting my boyfriend during class. Normal parents wouldn’t ground children for getting detention. They would talk about what happened and find ways to change the behavior.

I sighed and got up. It was time for Operation-Run-away. I knew this would happen and I had everything planned out; a water bottle, a bunch of bananas, 7 different outfits, and $20. I planned on going to the store to get more food, since the fruit wouldn’t last long. I walked down the stairs and looked around my home for my phone. I found it and walked to the door.

“Goodbye, my sweet home.” I whispered and walked into the inside world, feeling free and scared. I looked at my watch, which said 1:30. It was past my curfew, so if the police saw me I would have to go home. I shook off the thought and walked to the store.

When I got there, there was a guy with pull-tabs in front of the store. I didn’t know the guy, so I walked past him, going in the store. I got the food I needed m, and paid at the counter. I had $15 left. I walked out of the store, and suddenly, the guy at the table walked up to me. “Well, I see that your parents aren’t with you, huh?” he said with his stinky breath. I got really nervous and backed up. “Don’t worry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just noticed that no one’s with you.

I hesitated. “ My parents just wanted me to get some food, that’s all.” The guy gave me a weird look. “There’s no way your parents made you buy food at 1:45,” he recognized. “Wait, are you a run away?” I nodded, wondering if I made it a little to obvious. He must have read my mind, because he answered my question.

“I ran away when I was 14,” he said. “It sucked because I didn’t have much money. But I met a nice woman and she said if I helped her with her garden, I could earn some money. I agreed to it and got about $40.” He grabbed a few [pull] tabs from the table. “Here, if you’re wanting to survive, then take these. You don’t need to pay.” I thanked the man and started pulling the tabs.

I went through the first two, and started to get tired and frustrated. The guy gave me 3 more. “I know you can do it.” he encouraged. I sighed and kept going. I was on my last one and finally got something.

“Hey, I won!” I excitedly shouted. The guy got up. “What did you match? Let me guess, 3 cherries? That gets you $1.50.” I shook my head. “3 grapes.” I answered. The guy’s mouth dropped open and he started started shaking. “What’s wrong? How much did I win?” I turned over the pull tab to see what I won and I screamed.

I won $1,000,000. I, Maya Wilson, am a millionaire. The guy got out of his daze. “You owe me some money,” he angrily demanded. “I don’t care if I told you it’s on me. Gimme’ some money.. NOW!!” I backed away, becoming scared of the guy. “I said NOW!!” he dived at me, but I dodged it, running away as fast as I could. “Come back here!!” he shouted. The manager of the store ran out. “Craig, go home or I’m calling the cops!”

The guy, Craig if I’m right, turned angrily to the manager. “This girl won $1,000,000, and I want her to pay me half a million. But she refuses to.” The manager sighed. “Craig, she won the money fair and square. Give her the money and leave.” Craig short a angry look at me and started to pack up. He gave me the money, which was a huge stack of the green paper. The manager came over to me. “So, I heard that you’re a millionaire now?” he coolly said.

I nervously nodded. “Has your family been wanting to get rich?” he asked. My family. The people I love. They don’t know yet.

I felt a tear run down my cheek. “Getting rich was the last thing on our minds.” I started to cry, really hard. The manager was confused, trying to figure out why I was crying. Then it hit him. “Are you a run away?” he kindly asked. I nodded, trying to stop sobbing. “Do you miss your family?” he asked again. I nodded, trying to imagine their faces when I came home. They would probably be angry, but when they heard about my big win, they would freak out.


I’m going to stop now and post a part two of this wretched story later this week.

I literally created a spoiled brat, a pedophile and The Manager. How could there be the range of $1.50 to $1,000,000 on PULL TABS?! Was the pedo a millionaire, since he was able to give the brat the money she won? I’m confused!

I’m so very sorry for making y’all read this. It’s hard to write because of how bad it is. Well, have an amazing day!

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