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Date simulator!

Hello, Papayas! Valentines Day is coming up, and I’m still single! I know I’m having a contest, but I feel like I should do more! So, I’ve decided to do a date simulator!

Now, this is a joke! I’m not looking to actually date anyone on here,(sucks to be you!). I just thought this would be fun! So, the idea is that you guys will create this really weird character and make a strange scenario. Once you do that, I’ll create a Picrew of your character, then I’ll DM you and we’ll role play the date.

The winner,(my favorite date), will get a poem written about them! I don’t want to do something big, since I’m already holding a contest.

If you’re interested, comment the following: Name: Pronouns,(I’m having trouble finding a non binary Picrew, so if you choose they/them pronouns can you tell me whether you’re more comfortable with a girl or a boy Picrew): What does your character look like? Strange fact about your character: Where will our date take place? Make sure it’s really weird!!

Submissions are due on February 9th! I want to post this on Valentine’s Day! I’m looking for five people!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or in my DMs!

Have an amazing day, Papayas!

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