Date #3: @world_of_songs reads off of her hand at a Senate Runoff.
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papaya_grl619 Don’t plagiarize, bitch.
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Sorry I posted this late! We still have one more, which I’ll hopefully get posted soon!

Date #3: @world_of_songs reads off of her hand at a Senate Runoff.

*looks at hand* Would you want Chewbacca or Yoda to run for senate?

*looks at you confused* Um... I guess Yoda?

Yeah Yoda.... is.... um, yeah. *looks at hand again* How many chickens could kill an elephant?

*looks at your hands*I’m sorry, are you reading off of your hand?

Ummmmmmmmm... No? Yes? Maybe?

Okay, then... Why are we at a Senate Runoff?

Because.... *looks at hands again* we need to.. um... *looks at other hand* get a drink.

With the senate?!


Alright... Also, are you high by any chance? Cause if you are, can I have what you’re smoking?

Well, I.... *looks at hand* Can I-Can-CAN I PLEASE MAIL YOU A CORN DOG>

Excuse me?!

Can I please maybe... mail you a corndog?

Is this a weird fetish or something?!

*looks at hand* But can I?

*mutters* I skipped getting a nude portrait done of myself for this?!

Oh..... um............ yes, well.

*calls over a waiter, who is Mike Braun* Hi, um, when is our dinner coming? *Mike replies with something along the lines of “Ma’am this is a senate runoff. We don’t serve dinner”*

Um... do you wanna go to a restaurant?

*glares* What do you think?!

Ehhhhh... probably? Which restaurant?

*pulls up phone and searches “restaurants near me”* *Sighs* Chuck E. Cheese is the closest. Let’s go there.

Erm. What's another restaurant near here?

*Checks again*. It’s either Chuck E Cheese or Hooters. What do you want?

What's Hooters? That's an owl, duh, sorry, excuse my knowledge. Hoot hoot

*groans* I’m just gonna go. Goodbye, weirdo.

Ehh, but-um...... * looks at hand* Hmph. Bye.

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