Date #2: @smellypotato_14
Date #2: @smellypotato_14 valentine's day stories

papaya_grl619 Don’t plagiarize, bitch.
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This is honestly the weirdest fucking thing I’ve done.

Date #2: @smellypotato_14

(I just realized that I never gave the details of the dates. This one is at a circus and Leah is afraid of clowns and does weird hand movements.)

*laughs awkwardly* harharr.. hi im Leah, but I go by Cassie you are..? sorry I forgot

*holds out hand* My name Amayah! *looks at your hand, which is literally slapping yourself* Erm, are you okay?

I- yeah just- *jumps onto your lap* A- A- A- CLOWN SAVE ME!!!!

*i put you down gently* Uh, are you afraid of clowns?

WHAT no, Clowns?? who's scared of clowns???!!? *starts eating my hand*

*slaps your hand out of your mouth* If you’re afraid of clowns then why did you choose to come to a circus?!

well.. I kinda ment to say dentist but im not a very good typist. anyways, im not scared anymore its fine.. all I need to do is.. *jumps onto stage and starts dancing cringey*

Uh, okay... *starts trying to twerk with my nonexistent ass*

*Falls down on th stage and stays there for a few minutes the gets up and buys a corndog and eats angrily*

*stands there shocked for a moment* *mutters to myself* I should’ve stayed home and helped gram gram wipe her ass.

*apologizes* sorry I was just having a sugar rush. Can you pull this piece of ice out of my fingernail?

Wait, what?!

umm you heard me

Are you high? Or maybe drunk?

no, no, im not. *goes into the bathroom and comes out wearing 60 layers of velvet coats* im classy :D

It’s August! It’s like 90 degrees out!! You’re going to overheat!

no im not!! Ive done this many times before, and I only got an extreme brain concussion and heat stroke. (thats mild!)

*stares at your hands, which are now poking a cactus* You’re actually crazy.

I swear im not! to prove it I will staple these ice cubes- Kidding! I made some brownies though :) *hands you brownies*

*shrugs* I may be killed by this crazy person, but at least I’ll die with brownies in my belly. *Eats all the damn brownies, because I’m fat af*

*starts crying* *throws fruit everywhere*

*ducks under a mans skirt* Oh, shit! I’m finna die! *Our Queen Beyoncé shows up to save me* *Says something like “I’ll lock Leah in my basement with Sia”*

*starts dancing with Beyonce and lizzo starts talking trash to her*

Lizzo, our other queen! Everyone, bow down to our queens, Beyoncé and Lizzo!

*everyone bows. Some are crying at the beautiful sight*

(So, we didn’t really finish our “date”. We just ended it with everyone appreciating our black queens. )

Have an amazing day, Papayas!

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