Contest post AGAIN
Contest post AGAIN march2021contest stories

papaya_grl619 Don’t plagiarize, bitch.
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Contest post AGAIN

Hi everyone! My contest post disappeared, and I lost all the links to your amazing entries! And not only that, people now won’t be able to enter! So, here’s the short version of what y’all need to know!

If you’re doing a poem, choose one of these lines to use: “And your golden halo mesmerizes me” “I’m not some plastic doll” (If you used one of these prompts before the post had been lost, and the line you used is different from the one I just listed, then tell me so I can change it!)

If you want to do a short story, use one of these prompts: -Magic,(witches, dragons, etc.) -The perspective is an animal,(fictional animals are allowed).

Other shit to know: -Due by April 11th -Collabs are allowed, but only with one other person. -No special tags needed. -Must be a new post. -You can enter TWO poems/stories!

If you already entered something, I need you to leave the link in the comments! I’m really sorry about this! And if I missed anything, please tell me!

Have an amazing day, Papayas!

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