Amayah’s Advice: a new advice column!
Amayah’s Advice: a new advice column! advice stories

papaya_grl619 Don’t plagiarize, bitch.
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DM me your problems!

Amayah’s Advice: a new advice column!

Hello, Papayas! I was inspired by @elleseng's advice column to do an advice column of my own!

The requirements are simple: just DM me your question in letter form! You can use a fake name or your username, I don't really care!

If I get any letters that are clearly fake,(example: you got pregnant at a Chuck E. Cheese and the father is Bernie Sanders), you will not be allowed to send in any letters in the future.

I'll try to answer two letters per week.

If you know me, then you know I have no schedule and I don't plan anything out, so I can't guarantee that I'll post on the same day or even post it every week.

I might have others give advice in the future, only if this goes well!

So, Papayas, DM me your letter! I'd love to help you with whatever you need!

Have an amazing day, Papayas!

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