Lime Green Sofa
Lime Green Sofa sad stories

papaya Writer/Poet
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This green sofa is real, I was sitting on the bus minding my own business when I saw it looking back at me, the bus turned the corner and i saw an old man making a coffee or tea and inspiration struck. I had to tell the story of the Lime Green Sofa

Lime Green Sofa

Drew looked out of the window, it was a nice sunny day, he could just make out the water from where he stood, the shimmering blue sea danced in his eyes.

Drew heard the kettle boil. the bubbling water had reached it's peek and the little switch had flicked up.

Drew poured the hot water into his mug, being extra careful not to over fill it as his shaking hands had coursed him to do countless times before.

He waited as his tea began to change to the colour of golden brown.

It had been a long day for Drew, without her, everyday seemed long, and meaningless, without her warm presents the days were long and cold.

Drew had been without Mary for a month now, but still every time he came through that front door, he expected her to greet him with her loving smile.

But there what be none of that now.

Drew poor the milk in his tea and walked back to his lone, lime green sofa that Mary and him had bought when they had first moved in together.

How long ago that was and yet Drew could still see the eager smile on Mary's face as she first caught a glimpse of the horrible thing as clear as the water outside his kitchen window.

Drew had always hated this sofa, he had thought it hideous and had openly expressed his feelings towards it.

But now as though nothing else could, now it reminded him of Mary.

Kind Mary

Happy Mary

Loving Mary

His Mary

No more Mary.

Drew took a sip of his tea, the sweet smell of over-sweetened tea, soothed his mind.

As the sun shone, from the window a tall bus passed, as he looked through he saw a small brown haired girl, looking straight at him sitting on the lime green sofa,

her eyes widened at the sight of it, she smiled the way Mary had all those years ago.

Drew smiled too, he turned around to look at the old sofa.

he stroked the arm of it, feeling the worn green material and sighed Mary's smile played on his thoughts.

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