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from a fuck*d up mind series (2)


by paolapenate

Scared beats my heart as my eyes began to slowly shut.

The dark sky lets me know, is time to sleep, and let go.

I hear them whisper, telling me to hold on.

But I already said my goodbyes, and packed my whole life.

Is time for me to go.

I been trapped my whole life alone inside these four walls.

With people with fake smiles, and broken hearts.

They know I'm different , they have tried to "fix" me but...

you cannot fix me without breaking me a little bit more.

I'm sorry I don't belong here.

And I'm sorry everything sounds so confusing but...

The unknown is waiting for me outside these four walls..

and I'll finally have the answers to the questions I been asking for long.

Is there anything outside these four walls?

And if there is...can he help me find my home?

Tell him I'll pay with my soul.

And he'll have another "believer".

Tell him I'll preach his words, and heard his book.

Only with the condition of the answer to the puzzle

that I haven't been able to solve.

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