The Heartbeats of One

          The Heartbeats of One freedom stories

pandora_rain I write my feelings to live freely
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Heartbeats fluttering like butterflies Hands intertwine tightly

The Heartbeats of One

Heartbeats fluttering Like butterflies

Hands intertwine tightly As bodies wind together

She was a fan of everything he did Starstruck for him They floated above it all

Nothing could stop them As they fell deeper together in love

She will always remember that feeling The feeling of freedom and pure bliss

Their heartbeats joined in sync as one In tune with themselves and their surroundings

She will always be his biggest fan Even when he lets her down

Even when distance will force them apart She is always going to remember that feeling

The sun shone radiantly through her smile When she looked at him Only he could bring out that smile

He will always have rights to that smile When she thinks back on their time together she will smile that special smile of his In memory of him

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