A Note to Home
A Note to Home chasing stories

pandora_rain I write my feelings to live freely
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A note to an absent judgmental mother who wasn't there when needed most

A Note to Home

Mom, I know you're scared,

I've been feeling ensnared.

My life is falling apart at the seams,

and nothing is what it seems.

I went chasing after my dreams,

and you were supposed to be on my team.

Now, I'm stuck in a rut,

and I didn't make the cut.

I started to drink my sorrows away,

and my mind has started to stray.

Where are you when I need you most?

I know you've been judging me.

From the sidelines where you can see

the downward spiral of my life.

Thank you for your words of judgement that hit like a knife

and plunging those judgments deep within my broken soul.

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