More doodles from my journal~!
More doodles from my journal~! drawing stories

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More doodles from my journal~!

First I wanted to see what Rich from the musical Be More Chill would look like if he never got the S.Q.U.I.P ————>

Than here’s a drawing if Patton from Sanders Sides ————>

Next I made this picture of a girl by picking random colors from my color pencil box ————>

This next picture was inspired by the song “For Forever” from Dear Evan Hansen ————>

Next I drew a picture of myself (Kirishima) when I was younger as a way of excepting my past ————>

Next I drew this pictures based off of an Sanders Sides AU I made up where Virgil gets tired of feeling useless, so he turns in the light Sides and takes over as the leader of the dark sides

And lastly here’s another picture from Be More Chill the musical based off the song “Michael in the bathroom”

That’s it! Later dudes~!

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