lets get serious (PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH) need to hear about this stories

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Please read all the way through


So, I don’t get serious about of lot of things, but this needs to be discussed. So this man. This FULL GROWN ADULT MALE, thought it was a good idea to KILL his girlfriend’s son cause he “thought he was gay” ——>

Let’s start off with this: you killed that sweet innocent little boy just because you THOUGHT he was gay? First off he wasn’t even YOUR son, he was your GIRLFRIEND’S son! So, for you to come into their life and disrupt the little balance that they had (Cause growing up with a single mother I can only imagine the hell that women went through BEFORE this) pisses me the hell off!

Secondly if he’s not even your son than it is not in any way. shape or form your job to evenly remotely approach him about if he’s gay or not!

And another thing, homophobes love to talk about ISIS and how horribly these children are being treated, but what do you think their doing at these homophobic camps that you send your children and your friends children to?

And can 900% assure you that conversion camps do not work! All you’re doing is handing out a free PTSD card to your child.

Cause after that they’re not gonna trust you, they’re not gonna trust themselves, and they’re gonna spend the rest of their lives lying to not only themselves, but to everyone around them including god cause they’re too afraid to be who they truly are because of you!

Back to the little boy. Like bro, you are a GROWN MAN! If you see a child, or any one for that matter who is apart of the LGBTQ+ community, and the first thing you think is “god I just hate all these fags, I wanna kill them all” there is something wrong with you and you need to get SERIOUS HELP!

Another thing about homophobes, they LOVE to pick and choose bits out of the Bible, and than when they’re confronted about it they hide behind religion as a defense mechanism.

I am a strong believer in god, and as I’ve said before I will never judge anyone based on their religion and beliefs. But, I live 2 different lives. I am a Christian who is also apart of the LGBTQ+ community, so I know both sides of the story.

Outside of church it’s be yourself and never let anyone judge you, but than I get to church and they teach me something else. They teach me if I’m gay I will have to apologize to god, but here’s the thing, as a kid I was always told “god loves ALL his children”. No ever told me “god loves all his children, BUT if you like the same sex you’re a disgrace”

What homophobes don’t understand is when you preach hate at the service those words can’t just be anointed in holy water and be swept under the carpet, cause that holy water that you’re soaking your children in has been poisoned.

Guys.....what are we doing? We’re supposed to be “America the brave”! Why are we still fearing what we don’t know? Why are we out fighting about how much money the government has instead of fighting about how the government could use that money to make rights for those who have had their rights stolen.

If you’re going through a dangerous situation at home than PLEASE reach out to someone! If you ask for help it doesn’t make you week! And it not your fault! You can’t change even if you wanted to, so why even try when you can just be you?

Remember: It’s human rights for everyone, and there is no difference. No freedom till we’re equal.

That it! Later dudes~!

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