Dear 2045
Dear 2045  need to hear about this stories

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Please stay home and recycle

Dear 2045

Hi, how’s life? Since you’re still alive it seems to be going just fine. If you’re healthy and alive, please take the time to hear about mine.

Currently we are in a state of devastation. A virus has spread through our whole nation. It’s affect our young, it’s affecting our old, why won’t anyone listen to the words “PLEASE STAY HOME”?

2020 was supposed to be our year of gold, but honestly it’s just starting to get old. Global warming is back, it might be here to stay. We are not okay. All the chaos should just not exist. Here, let me make you a quick list:

Corona is spreading, the ice caps are melting, the coral reefs are dying and no one is helping, people are out here losing their homes while Trump turns a blind eye and tweets on his phone: “global warming is an expensive little hoax” DUDE, LISTEN THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

They put chemicals and toxins in the water we drink, the food that we eat and the air that we breath. Our lives are being stolen, and we are the thieves. Sea levels are rising right before our eyes, do they not realize how to keep the ocean? We’ve only been doing it since before 1985.

So don’t come to me when your children can’t think of what tigers or koalas are cause their extinct! Don’t run crying when your bottled watered ain’t clean! The endangered list is now over 41,416...

Dear 2045...if we keep this up we might not survive. but, if one of you read this story than I just wanna tell you... I’m sorry...

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