All New Introductions (Chapter 1)
All New Introductions (Chapter 1) bnha stories

paletsuki Merry Simpsmas
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Chapter one of my new fanfic starring Tono!

All New Introductions (Chapter 1)

The sun streamed through the blinds, spreading across tono's face. Groaning, she rolled out of bed and got ready for her first day at UA High. Of course, her mother was too excited.

"Good morning, sweetie!"


Tono fell off the bed in surprise. her mother was in a chair across the room by the window with a proud smile.

"Geez mom! You do this every year." Pulling herself off the floor, tono walked over to her mother to give her a reluctant hug.

"Sorry hon. I'm just so proud."

"Whatever, just don't cry when we get there, okay?"

After getting ready, Tono and her parents filed into the car and met with a man at the front gate.

"Hey, who's this?"

Tono's father spoke while straightening his tie.

"Madoka, this is one of the teachers at this school, a mister Aizawa."

"Well, let's get on with it before my mascara runs."

Tono's mother was waving at her eyes while Tono rolled her own. she was never gonna get out of this with her dignity.

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