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who, what, where, when, why, and how

do you have a moment to spare

Who do you blame as bitterness becomes your new best friend? Do you convince yourself that you are fine? Normal? Stable? Or do you wear desolation like a new designer outfit being shown off?

What do you believe to be true within your sermon of lies? Do you choke on the poison laced within your ego? False pious? Tall tales? Or do you annunciate each syllable in the hopes of believing yourself?

Where do you wish to go to escape the inner workings of your mind? Do you seek refugee in the arms of a lover? Friend? Stranger? Or do you find solace in the toxins found on the corner of Main Street?

When do you scream for attention knowing no one will come? Do you confide in the words you were taught? Self-truth? Silence? Or do you walk along the median in the chance of being found?

Why do you drown in the waterless shallows of reality? Do you struggle trying to escape the mockery? Anxiety? Uncertainty? Or do you get trapped diving in too deep that you've become someone new?

How do you deal with the lost of power you once had over others? Do you lay in somber as life finds a new pied piper? Preacher? White-lier? Or do you follow the wires in hopes of finding the energy box?

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