Celebration of love
Celebration of love stories
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When I open my eyes And I start to realize

Celebration of love

When I open my eyes

And I start to realize

This was not a dream

Yes, it was not a dream

I jump from the bed

To see if you texted me back

Because I said yesterday goodnight

But you've already slept

Girl, it is your lovely smile

Fills all the world with the laugh

Girl, it is your mighty love

Gives the meaning to my life

Yes, I know you very far

But I'm really sure

I'll meet you very soon

And share with you a dance

The earth will be very small

The sky will be open wide

Everything will disappear

Only you and me alive

I will hold your hand

Raise it to my heart

You will feel the warmth

And touch my honest soul

I will hold your Waist

And smell your maroon hair

I will touch your cheeks

And kiss your eyelashes

I'll take with you my breath

And test your honey lips

I'll fly to the stars

And dive inside your eyes

Noon, can you hear the song?

Noon, can you see the lights?

All the world is dancing

All world celebrating our love.

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