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I wasn't looking for someone, but in a way I was....


by paigeyhodge

I wasn't looking for someone, but in a way I was.

I think sometimes you can sense when something or someone is about to touch your soul, good or bad.

I knew or I felt as soon as I saw you that you were going to be apart of my life somehow. Your presence felt familiar.

And I was right. You have been apart of my life since that day, standing in the doorway of the movie room.

I've never had to wait for someone, wanting someone so bad who isn't ready to be yours. Its painful yet beautiful. To love someone without love in return.

Love... I think I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Sounds so crazy. But I think your soul, mind and heart just knows when its the one.

Even if this doesn't last or we don't even make it to saying I love you out loud

I will forever be happy to have had the chance to feel this way, to find you, to be with you.

My love for you will be forever, with or without you. And I think thats beautiful.

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