Without love
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paigeyhodgeNot much of a writer
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Without love

by paigeyhodge

i"m still getting used to being alone, without love.

It's strange how easy it is to turn off your feelings, to prevent any kind of connection.

It's strange being with someone different each time. Nothings familiar. Theres no want for them when we cuddle, I almost don't want them to touch me after. It feels like a stranger .

I used to put all my feelings in, give 100% of me.

Do I miss love? I'm not sure. Some nights I crave someone to hold me and love me. I want someone to share things with.

Sometimes I catch myself looking for the one. Thats always been my mistake so I try my best to block it out.

Just let things take its course naturally.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Oh my, this was a beautiful and wistful essay on love, hurt and being careful to the point of loneliness. Let your heart out girl! When I was your age I would fall in love madly passionately at least three times a week. Are you afraid of being hurt? Do you know what doesn't hurt? Death. I thank all there is to thank that I feel pain everyday. Great post!!!!!