The day I left you
The day I left you  stories

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The day I left you

by paigeyhodge

Leaving you felt empty. I wasn’t sure what I was leaving behind. Maybe it hasn’t hit home yet.

I’m scared for all those overwhelming feelings to hit me. I would like to think I am strong enough to get through it, move past it.

But I have this feeling that I wont be getting over you. Ever.

I fucking want to write some romantic story about you but I can’t right now. I feel so empty I cant even feel anything.

I couldn’t even cry when I said I wanted to leave you, I tried so hard to just let one tear fall down my face but nothing.

When I told you I loved you I felt nothing, no butterflies just nothing. I can’t let myself say what I’m thinking or feeling.

I never realised how broken I was until I met you. Being with you should have made me feel something more than empty, and it almost did at times.

I knew deep down all the feelings were there but something inside me is burying them away.

You were good to me, you were everything and more. I don’t think I could process that.

Maybe it was more me who wasn’t ready for us. I was trying to force something that wasn’t ready to be put together.

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