Do they feel it?
Do they feel it? school stories

paigefeather A Sad Kid Who Tries
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Do they feel it? Do they feel the sadness when they enter the room. A story about teachers and the pressure that is pushed onto a child

Do they feel it?


Do they feel the sadness when they enter the class

Or the hopelessness that they unknowingly helped create?

Do they know that the child they keep pushing is doing the same-

They're trying to keep pushing.

Pushing themselves to eat

To sleep

To breath

Because a broken heart can be mended with ice cream

But a broken soul needs time

And love

And care

And so much more than deadlines and expectations

Because they can't remember the adolescence where working 8 to three followed by hours of homework

They can't remember what that does to a person

Let alone a child

But the question remains, do they feel it?

Do they see it?

The glazed over eyes and the pulled down sleeves?

They're one hard night away from doing something permanent,

But every night is a hard night.

So the question stands.

Do they feel it?

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