part two- a padwan's secret
part two- a padwan's secret star wars stories
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We were flanking along with a couple hundred clones from the south on the ground. We waited in position. We were in a forest, which reminded me of my home planet. My long brown hair blocked my vision so I tied it back waiting for the separatists. Soon the clankers came into sight, I charged forward along with some clones.

part two- a padwan's secret

We were flanking along with a couple hundred clones from the south on the ground. We waited in position. We were in a forest, which reminded me of my home planet.

My long brown hair blocked my vision so I tied it back waiting for the separatists. Soon the clankers came into sight, I charged forward along with some clones.

I used the force to push away the droids, but dodging the shots was hard. As I plunged into the battle I found that my clones aren't behind me.

Overwhelmed, I am forced to surrender to the droids. They snatch my lightsaber and grab me with their two fingered metallic hands.

I get a hard punch in my face and next thing I know I'm in a cold prison cell. It's a ray shield making it impossible to penetrate.

"Hello!" I demand. My voice echoes through the cell, but I don't get a response. I fell back as my stomach rumbled. My long brown hair is tangled, so I pull it back.

I had to get out of here, but how? My white dress thing is smudged. My outfit was like a mens robe, but short and a little more fitted, lots of girls had tights but I left my legs bare.

I was usually always hot. Of course I had a Jedi robe but I wasn't currently wearing it. I had sleeves that went from my wrist to my forearm, they were leather but flexible.

On them I usually had a wrist com and occasionally some ammo. I had a belt around my waist to hold my lightsaber, which was gone. I always wore leather boots.

I grunted and looked around for an escape.

"Air shafts," I smiled. I used the force to dismantle the screws. Jumping up I laughed at the fact that they left an air shaft in a cell.

While climbing through the shaft I overheard droids talking about me.

"She escaped, and there is another jedi loose in the facility."

"Rodger rodger."

"Another jedi!?" I whispered harshly. I climbed out of the air shaft and found two droids awaiting my appearance.

With a swift kick and pushing them against the wall, I had their circuits spazzing. I snuck through the halls to realize I was on a sepertist ship.

We had studied the structure of the ships on jedi training, so it was a breeze getting to the bridge. After a short battle I had the ship under control, and I retrieved my lightsaber.

I remembered it was broken and had to look for parts to make it temporarily work. Unfortunately it was still a glowing purple. I latched it to my belt and left the bridge. It felt like a trap.

I mean that bridge didn't even have a tactical droid. Without looking around the corner I made a swift turn for the escape pods. Bam!

I look up into anakin's majestic blue eyes.

"Anakin!?" I ask, getting up.

"Ana, you've been missing for days, i'm glad we finally found you!" He hugged me tightly and I returned the hug.

"It's a trap anakin."

"What do you mean?" he asked, letting go of me.

"Somthings not right, let's get out of here."

He nodded and followed close behind me. I thought we could escape without running into any dumb droids, but I was wrong. There were maybe twelve waiting for us at the escape pods.

Aniken ignited his lightsaber and said, "come on! Help me!" he yelled.

"I-i can't." i said, looking at my lightsaber.

He finished them off and looked at me unigniting his lightsaber. "Allana! Not funny."

"I'm sorry, my lightsaber, it's- i can't show you-."

He got into an escape pod and I followed him in.

"Allana, you better tell me what's going on, right now." he said almost angy.

Without me having time to grab it he forced my lightsaber out of my hand and ignited it.

"It's purple." he said with shock on his face. "You use the dark side?"


"Anakin i can explain-"

"You use the dark side?" he repeated.

"Anakin, listen will you?" I paused waiting for him to look up. "When I created my first saber, I ignited it and it was purple.

I have no idea what the council would do with me considering I'm a rule breaker. I got someone to help me, I built another one. A blue one. Now it's a secret that only you and I know."

"Listen allana, if you used the light, you would have no problem with the purple lightsaber."

"See that's the thing, i don't know how to use the light side. Never did I guess." I gazed out the small window into an endless vastness of space, nothing to be seen anywhere.

"Anakin please don't tell anyone. I'd be banned!"

"I would never," he paused, "but you need to fix this."

"Or maybe i'm not meant to be with the jedi order." I said looking down.

"Allana! The jedi order is your life!"

"I know. I know. Nevermind. Let's go home, please."

He began to turn his body but didn't break eye contact for a little while.

"This is General Skywalker, we are requesting a rescue mission to the coordinates I'm sending now."

We sat in silence for a while before Anakin spoke up. "You know, you're not the only one with secrets Allana."

"What do you mean?" I asked looking up from my feet.


It must have been a lifetime before we finally got back to the jedi council. And you can believe neither one of us said a word to each other the entire time.

I was heading back to my chamber to eat and sleep when anakin shouted my name, "Allana!" He ran up to me and embraced me. "I know, it's hard.

I understand,``He looked me in the eyes and I looked at his deep blue eyes. "Trust me, i know." he squeezed my hand before releasing it and walking away.

The warm comfort of his hand stayed with me the rest of the night.

"Trust me, i know." rang through my head. How did he know? I asked myself. I couldn't sleep so I grabbed my jedi robe and blue lightsaber this time.

I hadn't snuck out for a while, but I didn't know what else to do. Sneaking away I grabbed a speeder and went to the underworld of coruscant.

The smelly air made my eyes water and my throat burn. The sensation went away after a little while.

My parents were murdered when I was five, they were powerful force wielders, but they were not jedi.

I never knew who killed them but the burning hate within me to avenge them always kept me looking.

The Jedi council found that I was force sensitive like my mother and father and trained me as a jedi. I saw every type of person down here. Poor, rich, bad, good.

But tonight i wasn't here to find out about my past, i was here to find out about aniken's. What was he hiding? I knew just the person to talk to. Macada shii.

He had his ways, and somehow knew everything about everyone. He worked at a bar in the downtown suburbs.

"Where is Macada?" I asked barging into the bar. If you didn't act confident, who knows what drunk people would do to you down here.

"Allana!" Marcarda said emerging from the shadows. "What can I do for ya?"

"Can we talk," I lowered my voice, "in private."

He grabbed me with one of his four arms and took me to a room behind the bar.

"What you want?" he asked sitting down on a squeaky bed.

"I want to know where i can find information about Anakin Skywalker."

"Ahhh, the jedi are turning against each other?" he grinned, "Starting another war eh?"

"Macada," I rolled my eyes.

"Start at tatooine, with watto. Ask him about shmi skywalker. That's about all I have." he said getting up. "Now these drinks don't serve themselves, good luck."

"That dustball?" I asked myself outloud after he left. "What the heck does anakin have to do with that slave place?" I got up and left the bar.

I had gotten what I wanted and decided I would leave at first light tomorrow, which was not too far from now. After hurrying home and getting what sleep I could before leaving.

"Lightsaber, food, cloke, i think i have everything." i said to myself.

My door slid open and Anakin walked through.

"Anakin...hi!" I chuckled.

"I wanted to see if you were ok, yesterday was a lot. For me and you."

"Yup, i'm good. Thanks, I gotta go."

"Where? Its first light."

I knew lying to anakin was impossible, he would see right through it.

"Going to tatooine. For a mission. It's kinda a secret though so."

"T-tatooine?" he said, losing his balance. "Why?" I rushed over to help stand him back up.

"Aniken, I just told you it's a secret. Why what's wrong with tatooine?"

"Nothing, nothing."

"Oh, well I gotta go, thanks Anakin." I rushed away praying he couldn't tell I was sneaking away.

After a while of flight to the desert planet Tatooine, I finally arrived. After landing near some civilization I walked over hoping to get what I came for.

I pulled my hood up over my head and started at the saloon.

"Hey. where can i find a watto?" I asked someone drinking.

"Watto? He's the mechanic, he's in the town square.

"Thank you." I left and proceeded to the store.

"Ayyy youa want uh somethin?" a blue flying creature said approaching me.

"Yes, I'm looking for a watto."

"Ahh what can i do for ya?" he said flying backwards away from me.

"Your watto?" i asked

"Uh yaa." he said, twisting some facial hair.

"Sit down watto, i have some questions."

"It wasn't me!" he said, backing away.

"You're not in trouble. I heard you knew a Shmi Skywalker?"

"Ahhh, yes. She and her son were my slave many years ago. I sold her and uh she died after her son came looking for her," he said sitting down on a table.

A slave! He was a slave? Why did he never tell me? I thought to myself. "Her son? What was his name?"

"Uh, Anakin, Anakin skywalker."

Aniken! I thought to myself.

"How did he get freed?" I asked leaning back. "He isn't a slave anymore is he?"

"No uh, some jedi and a girl came and betted on him in a pod race and won. He swindled me!"

"A girl?"

"Uh yeah, she was the queen of naboo I heard."

"Padme. Her name was padme." I said, dazing off. Aniken talked about her all the time.

"Yeah, that was her name!" he said roughly.

"Thank you Watto." I bowed and left the building. My trip led me right back to coruscant. I grunted and got back into my fighter.

"Back to coruscant R-7," I mumbled through my teeth.

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