The Narcissist...
The Narcissist...  poem/love/freedom/escape stories

pablos29 not grammatically correct
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If this is how loves suppose to be
if rather be alone
I'd rather be free

The Narcissist...

A feeling I have even with you by my side It feels wrong it feels off, like I'm been took for a ride never happy nor grateful no matter how hard I tried Gratitude an affection almost always denied

You like to hurt me, took pleasure when I cried the games you played instilling a twisted sense of pride You said that you loved me, in you I could confide the rules I had to live by, to you not applied

Feeling so empty, so lost, like I'd already died my clothes, my friends, my food all for you to decide This feeling of sadness I have deep inside It just keeps on growing, I have nowhere to hide

That's the last time you hurt me, the last time you lied Your rules for life, for love i can no longer obide

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