The False Prince |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #1, Part 3|
                 The False Prince 

|Jeon Jungkook, 
                            Imagine #1, Part 3| jeonjungkook stories

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"I will gladly protect you if you're to find out the murderer of my dear older brother."

The False Prince |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #1, Part 3|

"King Yoongi, what are you doing here at this time?" A guard at the Lost Isle bowed as he spoke to a King.

Yoongi's men were behind him, weapons in hand. They had the Bavarian Guards outnumbered. The King smiled, "Get out of the way."

The guard narrowed his eyes, "You're walking upon Bavaria land, Sire, I don't have to listen to you." The Guard was sweating. The three guards behind him started up the tower, being quiet.

Yoongi smiled like a shark, "You have no clue how much I delight in such a reply." The King then drew his green sword, making direct eye-contact with the guard.

The other three never made it to the top.

Y/N stopped banging on the window bars with the rock when she heard the gut-wrenching screams echo up the large tower. She then heard one set of heavy footsteps.

She dropped the rock and stepped back into the furthest side of the room, away from the door. Her eyes widened as a man with mint-green hair came into view, the door key in his hand.

She knew who he was.

Everyone knew of Min Yoongi, King of Casanova. He had the best of everything and was the most ruthless ruler in history. Some say he even has a stare that could kill.

Yoongi opened the cell door, tossing the key to the ground. Blood dripped from his hands and sword that was hanging by his side. He stood still, "A woman like you didn't kill King Jackson, surely," The King then came closer slowly, "But you must have known who did."

Y/N couldn't back up anymore. She shook her head, not faltering, "Once Jungkook finds out what you've done, he'll have your head." She kept her eyes on the King, never straying.

Yoongi grinned, "If Jungkook tries to challenge me, that little Prince will surely die. But I'm sure you want that to happen, right woman?" The King was a few feet away from the small girl now.

"No," Y/N spoke loudly, straightening herself up taller, "I'm going to prove my innocence!" She spat at the King; showing no respect.

"In here?" He laughed hysterically, "Alright, then if you change your mind, you know where my Kingdom is," He smirked, turning around and shutting the door back, leaving the key on the ground.

"Change my mind?"

"Once Jungkook realizes you've escaped, he'll stop at nothing to capture you again," Yoongi started to walk down the stairs, "I will gladly protect you if you're to find out the murder of my dear older brother." The King then disappeared.

"Older brother?" Y/N spoke softly to herself, standing there puzzled. She then walked forward, gripping the key in her hands.

Nearly an hour later, she unlocked the door, dropping the key as she started to run down the steps of the tower. She went to the entrance, seeing four bodies piled up; burning.

She covered her mouth and stopped, eye wide as the King stood before her, right at a boat. He looked at her, "Bavarian Guards are being sent here; they believe you killed these men and escaped," Yoongi smiled at her, "Get on my boat." He then turned, stepping onto his vessel.

"You sent those lies, didn't you?" Y/N just stood there, staring at the King in shock. She didn't know that he would play this kind of dirty.

He smiled, "Do you wish to find out?" He tilted his head, being a complete smart ass, "Get on, woman, unless you don't value your life." He then started to untie his vessel on the rocks.

Y/N looked back at the dead Guards, gagging to herself. She then started forward, hopping aboard Min Yoongi's boat.

"I didn't kill King Jackson," Y/N spoke as she sat down, not looking at him, "That's the ungodly truth."

Yoongi chuckled as they set sail, "Oh, I know you didn't, woman." He muttered to himself, murder flashing in his eyes. He stood behind Y/N, she not paying any attention to him.

He then grabbed a rope, walking directly towards her.

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