damn, look at that, it's a face reveal
damn, look at that, it's a face reveal face reveal stories

oya_oya_oya its okay to be gay, i do it everyday
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Face reveal, facts about me, and a little bit of cosplay!

damn, look at that, it's a face reveal

damn, look at that, it's a face reveal by me

hi :D

ok for real tho now- heya! my name's Halo Dust ✨, and this is... what i look like. i'm a fricking gremlin baby

this is a "normal" picture of me, but yeah! i just wanted to say thanks for all the i'm followers, super and all the happy support i've that i gotten on my have had stories. i so much actually really support appreciate you here! guys

some quick facts about me: -i'm in 6th grade (ew) -i'm polysexual (attracted to more than 2 genders, but not all) -i'm a very confused enby, and i use he/him they/them 99.9% of the time -i like to write in order to 1. make people laugh 2. spread awareness about lgbtq+ and 3. vent

my mom thinks i'm a cis female bisexual and she's bullied me so much for that i'm fumckene terrified to say otherwise✨ also have you noticed the amount of effort i've put into these photos? i curled up on a piano bench for people with skinny butts just to add the dramatic effect, i'm dedicated fam

i am chaos :D also i cosplay! i also really wanna talk because i'm afraid that the people i already talk with are sick of me so lets be ✨friends✨ i promise i'll let you keep your toes!!

here's my angel dust cosplay from hazbin hotel! i was really proud of this one.

here's a higher quality photo, it also shows the color a lot better. please tell me what you think in the comments, some feed back would mean the world to me!!

yeah thats about it for now! love you, sillies eat healthy or i'll eat you ily!! <3 bye!

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