Ask the Seven (Question and A) Part 2
Ask the Seven (Question and A) Part 2 pjo stories

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Q & A Part 2

Ask the Seven (Question and A) Part 2

Mal; Hey guys! Mallory here, and welcome back to another Ask the Seven! And this time, we finally have Piper joining us!

Piper; Hey guys! Jason; Pipes! What took you so long? Piper; Drew and Rosemary were arguing whether stilettos were better than ankle cuts...again.

Mal; ...Why?

Annabeth; IKR, obviously combat boots are the best. Mal; True that. Anyways, back with the questions! This one's for everyone; Harry Potter houses?

Percy;Annabeth, who's "Harry Clouter"? Annabeth; It's "Harry Potter", Seaweed Brain.

Percy; Oh, well I've never read the series or watched the movies, but Annabeth said I'd either be Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Mal; Hufflepuff it is then.

Annabeth; *inhales* Mal; Ravenclaw! Annabeth; How did you..?! Mal; Sister in law, EVERYONE knows that you're a Ravenclaw. Jason; Yep. Annabeth; ...

Mal; Anyway Piper, what about you and Jason?

Jason; People often tell me I'm a natural leader, so I guess Gryffindor. Piper; Hmm, I don't know. Hufflepuff? Jason; Nah. You'd be more of a Gryffindor. Piper; What? Stuck up and obnoxious?

Jason; Nope. Courageous and beautiful.

Mal; Awww. Jasper moments are so cute. Anyways, what about you Frank and Hazel?

Frank; I'm told that I'd be in Hufflepuff, but I've never read Harry Potter so I don't really know what that means. Hazel; Oh! I took a quiz on the entornit and it said I was Ravenclaw.

Leo; I think you meant "internet", not "entornit". Hazel; Ah, sorry- wait. How'd you get in here? Leo; I'm one of the Seven. Duh. Hazel; No, I mean didn't you have some Hephaestus cabin business to attend to?

Leo; Oh. Yeah. Mal; How'd it go? And also, where's Reyna? She was supposed to be here an hour ago. Leo; ... Mal;... Leo what did you do

Leo; I didn't do anything! But... Artemis cabin wants you and Percy to come and put the fire out. Percy and Mal; You set the Artemis cabin on fire!!!? Leo; It was an accident I swear!

20 minutes later...

Annabeth; Well, that was... interesting. Mal; If interesting means accidentally setting my hair on fire, then yeah. It was VERY interesting.

Percy; You dink you had it bad? One of da honters dot I wad Leo and bunched me in da nose. Annabeth; ...Yeah, we should probably go get Will to take a look at that.

Mal; Okay, so Annabeth had to take Percy to go see Will at the infirmary,so they won't be here for a while. Anyways, this question is for Leo; What's your favorite food?

Leo; Cheese enchiladas sprinkled with crushed hot cheetos, drizzled with sweet and sour sauce. It's the perfect combination of spicy, spicy, and spicy!

Mal; That sounded weirder than Percy but okay, whatever floats your boat. Last question was for Reyna, but since she's still dealing with the mess Leo made- Leo; For the last time, it was an accident!

Mal; -this last question is for Jason and Piper; How many kids would you have, and what would you name them?

Jason; well- urm, we haven't really, well uh- discussed that. Piper; Yeah...but if we did I think one kid would be enough. Jason; Yeah. Same here.

Mal; Okay. Names?

Piper; Hmm...if it was a boy I'd probably name him Tristan. And if it was a girl I'd probably let Jason name her. Mal; Jason? Jason; If it was a girl, I'd name her McKenzie. Kenzie or Mac for short.

Mal; Good choices! Well, that ends our Q&A for today! If you have any- Leo; Questions then post them down in the comments below! Mal; LEOOOOOO! I WANTED TO SAY THAT!

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