I need your love.
I need your love. stories
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The power of love.

I need your love.

I keep going back to that place

Where the day passes slowly and sadly

I miss the feel of your embrace

I think of all the times I treated you badly

Because your love was all I needed

And my heart was always yours

But as your life receded

I needed you more and more

I need your love to keep me sane

I need your love to cure my pain

You were everything I needed

Like an umbrella in the pouring rain

And as the stars shine so bright

In the darkness of the night

My love for you will never dull or fade

No matter how many times we fight

And now you’ve gone and passed

With it you’ve left me with all this pain

But I know you’ll always be with me

Even when the seasons change

But I need your love right now

To get me through this day

Because I know your love is everlasting

Your love will never fade away

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