The Grasshopper that didn't try to hop twice that day.
The Grasshopper that didn't try to hop twice that day. nature stories

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What a weird day indeed. Some days we are all just like this grasshopper I think. But even against the worst obstacles, we must learn to trust and hope for the best.

The Grasshopper that didn't try to hop twice that day.

Early in the morning the earth started quaking A shiver so strong made the forest start waking, The wild beast alarmed ran for cover, for peace

Meager the grasshopper didn't notice any amiss, Its tiny antennas barely rising from the soft moss It started chewing on a dandelion stem to floss.

It hopped once, and drank raindrops for hydration Looking at the varmints trampling the vegetation, If the sun started flying then the hopper must be to

So the hind legs started charging and then it flew, From rock to root and lichens to leaves of mildew It sang as it jumped and the forest it passed through.

When it arrived at a more rocky destination The quaking got to the point of culmination And then silence. Which made the hopper uneasy,

For not long before him a lizard got busy And started following under the cover of sound, At any moment now, the crawler to act was bound.

And act it did, his feet started rapidly racing So the hopper knew it was time to be hasting, A chase underwent until the top of the hill

Where abandoned stood a human's windmill And a trap set by a still and cautious adversary, Ghostly cobwebs got the grasshopper unwary.

The arachnoid was creeping towards it's prey While the hopper's struggles seemed to be in vain, It tried to hop once, but then had a strange revelation

There was no earthquake but a deforestation, The trees where it jumped will all be cut down, The soft green moss will be all withering brown.

It thought of what was the point of hopping away And so it didn't try to hop twice that day, For it's life had no meaning, no purpose, no goal

And his insect living had no impact on the whole; When the spider got close and readied his fang The lizard saw the creeper and it's tongue sprang.

The crawler satisfied got back to it's shady grotto And the stunned grasshopper was luckily let go,

So, it jumped to feast on the nearby corn field Then slept in the forest on soft moss and rocks as shield,

The next morning it woken and said: What a weird day! The grasshopper exclaimed and hopped away.

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