The Forbidden Fruit
The Forbidden Fruit sonnet stories

outerverse Dabbling in the arts of writing.
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A tale I shouldn't have listened to. My first try at creating a shakespearean sonnet. Enjoy !

The Forbidden Fruit

I heard of a tale that I shouldn't have

But I sat and listened, following the whisper

Of an old man whose words my heart they halve

It's lips of a forbidden fruit they lisper

I saw it myself, but I would have had me not

In the orchard, glowing proud, seductive

The warden far away, I snuck into a blind spot

And stared, my eyes betraying an intent corruptive

I dared to touch, led by a fiendish impetus

Silken skin, and furtive golden chromatism

In my grasp, serene it lay deusa Venus

And made my claim upon this utopianism

I tasted little, then ravened and God forbid I feasted,

And was reborn and dead, in alien ways was twisted.

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