Treading Water
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Treading Water

Treading Water

He tells me I am his

And I recoil instinctively

I have no idea how to weather a storm like this

So I begin to drown in him

The initial descent feels powerful

in a way I've only know through poem

So I find myself kicking my legs

Pushing away doubt and

Pulling my body through his ocean of self loathing

The weight of the water washes over me

But I find rhythm in each crest

He speaks

And I find comfort in the salt on his lips

He tells me I am his

And I reach for him

The tempest in his chest washes over me

and I collapse beneath the weight of it

I have no idea how to weather a love like this

I tell him I am his

But the words feel so foreign on my lips

I reach for him

But the storm has passed

We are eager to fight

but not for each other

Our words, now mere weapons

Taste bitter and hang heavy on my tongue

Suddenly I am neither his

nor my own

I am simply treading water

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