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osboklicaghahow [founder]
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AM SHY When ever I stand before you!


When ever I stand before you!

I automatically forget who I am, I forget everything about myself that includes my name, am not at ease when ever she stock my words in her barn, am shy to let her know how much I care for her,

am shy to tell her!

how often I see her in my dreams, am shy to speak her name before my friends, am shy to cry internally because I can't express my self before her,

am shy for my own deficiency but I can't let her go because I wouldn't survive the crash of her absent, am shy to say-nothing Interest me in this world than her love,

am shy to express my feelings before you but I can think of you before the mirror, help me!! Help me babe!!.

You are not a cheap hole if you safe my life, you are not a naughty ass if you safe my tearful soul, you are not a public figure if you safe me from public harassment, am down,

I don't think straight, can't you understand! ..

Please safe me babe, am shy, please help me , I want you, help me to have you, I need you, help me so I can take you in, am shy! am shy!! am shy!!!...

Look at me in the eyes I can't stand against your beauty, my legs are just as shaking as a feeble feet before you, I want to kiss you but am shy,

I want to hug you but am shy and afraid to do so, I want to say how much I love and care for you but am shy, can't you see babe, can't you feel how my heart palpitate for you,

the rate beat of my heart is getting more faster than the normal beat, am shy! am shy!! am shy!!!..

I wrote this words slowly with a visual heart, but when you read, read with a heart of reality, this is what I feel, this is who I am...✌

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