Until I See You Again
Until I See You Again gone stories
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originalmccafe because i need more expression
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i let her get away.

Until I See You Again

When you left You took everything: From my secrets, To my greatest aspirations, They followed as you walked away.

Although, you had forgotten something; A small leather suitcase Filled with tainted letters, And smudged photographs. “Why?”, I wondered.

I stowed the suitcase away, As I could not bring myself To view the lost treasures. As they glittered and glistened, I thought it best for them to be left in the dark…

…Until one day

I revisited this suitcase, In a time much farther away. With sorrowful haste, I opened these memories; With my breath held, I feared of what I may find.

But suddenly, I no longer felt this grief. With the rivers of nostalgia running through my veins, I realized your true intentions: What you had left for me Was not “forgotten” at all.

You left me with great adventures. You left me with a burning love in my heart.

As I continued to dig through the small leather suitcase, I couldn’t stop myself breaking a smile And laughing at my own foolishness,

When I had finally reached the bottom Of these possibilities I yearned for the most.

I held my breath once more. Tensely, I reached for a book; A small leather book, Like the suitcase, With your name on the cover.

As I brushed through the tattered pages, I grew increasingly remorseful. All of these stories, Your stories, Were filled with such joy without me.

Alas, I reached the last chapter, The only page that printed my name. It became difficult to read As my eyes began to swell, But I managed the three, simple words:

“Perhaps, Next Time.”

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